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Client Background/ Brief:

Established in 2012 at Conshohocken, Pennsylvania US.

Another sister tobacco shop of allentown. It has become successful and classic but didn’t happen overnight. Our asset in business is knowing what we want. We try our best to help you out with our knowledge for any product. We have unique facilities of walk in humidoor in our area with wide variety of cigars. We are soon coming out with our lounge with all your comforts to smoke and enjoy your cigar.

Business Needs:

As per client requirement, below are business needs:

  • To create corporate web content management solution.
  • Easy navigation for visitors
  • Ease of maintenance for content managers
  • Cloud hosting
  • Periodic maintenance with necessary upgrade of necessary software and tools
  • Able to rate cigar products for visitor users
  • Able to manage popular brands as a home page banner
  • Display products brand & category wise.

Solution Developed:


PHP-MYSQL | CMS | HTML | Jscript


  • Extensive Platform
    • Detailed showcase of exclusive cigars & brands
    • Easy upgrade to attract more clients
    • Top rated brands with the cigars as a home page banner.
    • Customer favorites items.
    • Events in city
    • Popular cigar list
    • User can rate cigar products
  • Online client interaction with enquiry form
  • Smooth traversing through the web platform
  • User may subscribe for newsletter for getting new updates.

Benefits Realized:

  • Attractive product showcase to engage new prospects
  • Engage with audience to build trust and loyalty

Case Study Title:

CMS for Tobacco Shop


Conshohocken Smokeshop


Cigars and Tobacco Products

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