PhoneGap for Mobile Apps

PhoneGap is an open source framework that is used for developing engaging mobile apps using web technology. Nichetech team has developed various business mobile applications using this amazing framework.

Phonegap was created for web developers so that they can use same skills to develop mobile apps for various operating systems like android, iphone and windows. They wanted to reduce complexity from mobile app development so they made phonegap as an easy to learn and implement framework in HTML, CSS and Javascript.

Phonegap gives various features to developers to make their life easier to develop mobile apps, one of the best feature is cross platform scripting, so by using Phonegap the application level logic is written once and can be used on various mobile operating systems. This significantly reduces the time and cost of the mobile application development.

PhoneGap provides access to most of the native device APIs (like camera, GPS, accelerometer and more), so that the app we build with web technologies behaves same as native apps.

Nichetech has been the admirer of open source, Phonegap is hugely backed by open source community. The Adobe PhoneGap team is active in supervising and development of the Apache Cordova project which is the engine used by Phonegap

Applications having complex logic built at their server application or business to business applications can be built using Phonegap. Nichetech suggests Phonegap framework to the clients seeking simple and robust mobile applications in less time. Such mobile applications are equally performing well as native app with small exceptions on native functionalities of phone.