On Demand Apps

Be it a location based service rendering or finding the best things around, Nichetech has experience of developing On Demand Apps for businesses.

We have provided our services of mobile app development to B2B and B2C segments of businesses across the globe seeking On Demand App development. This has helped our clients for optimizing the resource allocation based on the choice of their users of the app.

Some of the services we provide for On Demand Apps development are as follows

On Demand Service Delivery :

Our location identification technology based on Google Maps would identify the location of user as well as service provider, that would help users to select the appropriate provider serving in their geography at preferred time. Our On demand app would not only serve the location but enables a communication between customer and vendor to insure the smooth service delivery.

On Demand Food Delivery :

Food being the most searched item on internet, our app would help you make the food discovery easier with geographical location of outlets. Our technology with interactive maps and instant communication mechanism, no food is away from the requester. Having such app for your food delivery business would help to expand the horizons and customer base.

On Demand Resource Location :

You may want to go out for shopping or you may want to locate a public park for stretching and exercising. Our On Demand Resource Locator apps can align the right resource for your target consumer. We have delivered such solutions to local government bodies and businesses based on their choice of Resource Location App.

On Demand Service AppOn Demand Food App On Demand Resource App