A step to preserve the culture by means of literature, Matrubharti has a patent pending technology of publishing secure ebooks at a very low cost. This app shall enable users to create literature in local regional language.

Available in more than 21 Indian languages, some key benefits are:

  • Content can be shared on Facebook, Twitter and Whatsapp.
  • The content could be saved for future use.
  • The content can be also saved in Google Drive.
  • Content cane saved as reminders in Calendars.
  • The content can also be send as an Email.

For Authors of Indian regional languages, Matrubharti is a self-publishing platform for ebooks. We accept stories, novels, articles, biographies, poems, essays and more. We pay for content and publish it free.

For Readers, Matrubharti is a Mobile app that serves content as eBooks especially for Indian regional language readers. All ebooks on Matrubharti are free to download. The eBooks are as small as 100 KB.

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