Google API Integration

Internet on mobiles and computers is now synonymous with Google, almost all machines using internet are using their default search page as google search. It has become a phenomenon to use one or other service of google in our day to day internet life.

Google has been hugely contributing towards open source community , that has made google the top technology company in the world. Googles almost all the services are opened for programmers as web services or API. Nichetech developers have been using google API services for making the application richer in experience and features. Some of the best google APIs we are using for our customers are as follows.

Google Login : Almost everyone on internet has a google account, it becomes very easy if any new application on internet is using google supported login, the new user always feel secure to use google login on any other new application on internet. Nichetech provides seamless integration of google login API for mobile and web applications.

Google Maps API : Google maps is another jewel in Google’s internet properties, any services on internet seeking maps for their users for navigation can use Google Maps using API. Nichetech developers have integrated google maps for various navigation services like taxi services, delivery based applications or location based services. Maps are visual delight for the users to navigate to the desired place, also maps have calculative response on distance and speed. Various health trackers and travel applications developed by Nichetech are equipped with customized Google Maps.

Google Analytics and Web Master tools : Google knows everything, if we say that it would not be an over rated statement, if we integrate google analytics and webmaster API code on website or mobile app, all the complex algorithm of user behaviour on applications is taken care by Google. Visually appealing data would appear on our screen that would tell the whole history, geography and demography of our users using application.