Making Life Worthwhile by Securing Your Family Files
Imagine all your important files neatly shared and automatically organised among your family members. Imagine never having to hunt for lost files again. Imagination is no longer necessary. FamiJoy is an amazingly simple app that securely digitises your family life.

Files collected. Family connected. Well protected.
FamiJoy allows you to store all your files centrally at a single place on your Google Drive account and make the most out of your 15 GB+ storage space. Keep all your files neatly organized rather than digging through dozens of folders across various sites and boxes. Create Tags for your photos, work documents, recipes or links. Use Tags to easily retrieve any and all files, all in one place.

A safer place, for your family safe
Safety is paramount for any family, and at FamiJoy we believe the same. We use the most secure platform to allow you to directly store your files in your Google Drive account. And OAuth ensures that we do not have access to your Google account password. Your data belongs to you, and stays with you.

For more detail, Please visit  famijoy.mobi