Facebook API Integration

World’s most popular social network is Facebook, it has over a billion-people active across the world. That doesn’t stop the greatness of social network, they have opened up their platform for developers. Facebook Platform is a group of APIs that help programmers to develop innovative social apps based on facebook platform.

Nichetech developers have explored facebook platform and APIs and used it for websites and apps for customers. Such APIs help to connect with target users very easily, the businesses and social apps can be made engaging with Facebook API integration. Here is the list of APIs explored by our developers and implemented on various solutions for our customers

Facebook Login: This is a simplest and fastest way to allow users to login to the application, since almost every second person on earth uses facebook, they would love to login to any other app using their facebook login credentials. It gives them peace of mind due to security features of facebook. Also it takes the hurdles away to remember too many logins of different apps for one users.

Facebook Login gives access to non-sensitive yet important information about the user to the applications like name of the person, photo of the person and if user has permitted then the email if and other information of the person is easily available by API integration of facebook login.

Integration of Facebook API within the apps gives interesting app analytics access to the application admins. The analytics is one of its kind industry best behavior analysis of the application without interesting insights. You can get information like active users, gender information, geography as well as app usage behavior.

Like, Share API : This is most popular API available for websites and apps from Facebook, the content of app or website can be shared on facebook using these APIs. That gives a visibility to the content of the app or website to the external world through facebook. As many users share the content, as many shares can happen and the content has chances to go viral on the internet. This brings lot of new user base and engagement to the applications.

Messenger API : Facebook is all out to dominate the personal chat market with introducing the messenger API. The personal chat can be a very engaging platform for the users of the application, by using this API and SDK for the application, a customizable chat features can be provided to the users or the applications of business or social network. The login happens with facebook authentication and rest of the interface is highly customizable.